Healthy Benefits of walking.

Walking is a great low-impact exercise that’s easy, free and anyone can do it from anywhere. That is why walking is such a great form of exercise.

1.  Walking helps you lose weight

You will burn around 70-80 calories simply by walking at a 2mph speed for 30 minutes. If you walk at a speed of 3mph for 30 minutes, it’s about 100 calories and 4mph for a total of 150 calories! Get in 30 minutes a day into your daily routine and you should shed pounds in no time.

2.  Walking helps to build up your vitamin D

In an age where we all sit in front of our computers and phones, it is likely that we are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can affect important things like bone health and our immune systems. Walking is an absolutely perfect way to enjoy nature while getting your vitamin D.

3.  Walking gives you energy

A brisk walk ( 3.5- 4 mph) is one of the best ways to increase your energy levels. It boosts circulation and will increase your oxygen supply to the cells in your body. Helping you to feel more alert, energized and alive. Try walking during your lunch break at work and you might just be more productive during the second half of your day at work.

4.  Walking tones up legs, glutes, and abs.

Give definition to your hamstrings, quads and calves while lifting and tightening your glutes with a quick 30-minute walk each day. If you can’t get in each day, shoot for four days out of the week. Try to keep good posture during your walk and you’ll also notice your waist and abs improving.

5.  Walking Lowers your risk for disease

A regular schedule of walking slashes your risk of diabetes by around 50 percent and your chances of developing cancer of the colon or breast decrease by 20 percent. That’s a WIN WIN!

6.  Walking strengthens your heart

You can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by walking on a regular basis. It is excellent cardio exercise, lowering levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increasing your levels of HDL (good cholesterol). A brisk walk every day ( 3.8- 4 mph) can lower your blood pressure which in turn lowers your risk of stroke.

7. Walking can help prevent dementia

Older people who walk 5-6 miles per week or more are more likely to avoid memory loss as the year’s pass by. Dementia affects one in 14 people over the age of 65 and 1 in six over the age of 80. So I think walking is an excellent idea!

8. Walking improves your mindset

Exercise boosts your mood. Some studies have shown that walking a brisk walk is just as effective as antidepressants. (when you have mild to moderate case of depression) Brisk walks release feel-good endorphins by increasing serotonin levels which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Who doesn’t want that?

9. Walking can help bring family together

The photo above is of my children and my niece and nephew. When they come to visit we like to walk to dinner and back ( about two miles total) it gives us a chance to connect without the interruption of electronics. Everyone is heard and it is a lot of fun!!

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