Spinach Avocado Salad with lemon ginger olive oil dressing

I am addicted to salads and have been for most of my life. This salad has it all! This salad has 8g of protein which is essential for maintaining and building muscle. It has lots of vitamins.Too many to list but Vitamins, A, B, C, E, Omega3, Magnesium, biotin, and copper just to name a few. Of course, it is also loaded with fiber and healthy fats which most people don’t seem to get enough of.  I also added feta cheese to this salad. Cheese isn’t the healthiest but sometimes you just need a little more flavor. Feta does have some health properties, such as protein, B6, B12, and selenium. Only use small amounts of cheese to avoid unhealthy fats.


1     Handful of Baby Spinach

1     Two large Romaine leaves chopped into bite size

4     Cherry Tomatoes cut into halves or quartered

1     Large Celery Stalk sliced lengthwise and then chopped

1     Teaspoon of fresh feta cheese

1/2  Avocado, score the fruit and use a spoon to remove from skin.

1inch Fresh Grated Ginger

1    Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2  Lemon

1     Pasture Raised Egg

Himalayan salt & pepper ~ to taste.


Mix all ingredients except for Ginger, Olive Oil, Lemon, and Egg into your favorite salad bowl.

In a small mixing bowl add ginger, olive oil, and lemon. whisk until completely blended.I like to add Himalayan salt and pepper to my dressing. lightly pour dressing over salad.

In a small skillet warm up grass fed butter until sizzling and add the egg. Turn heat down to low. Since you won’t be flipping the egg over, it’s important that you cook it on low to make sure all the white get done.

Place egg on salad and mix together. Enjoy!!

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